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Integration of Firebase Analytics and WooCommerce

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Integration of Firebase Analytics and WooCommerce


This plugin allows you to integrate your WooCommerce websites with Firebase Analytics and start generating the report of your site.

Firebase Analytics provide log events. And based on those events the report generates accordingly. Can check log events here for web.


  • Script provided by Firebase Analytics.
  • Plugin Settings page where you can paste the script and save it.


  1. Create a Project in Firebase Analytics.
  2. Copy the scripts provided.
  3. Install the plugin in your WooCommerce website.
  4. Got to plugin settings page, paste the scripts there and save it.
  5. Integration Completed now you can check the analytics report from your account.


1. How to setup Firebase Analytics?

Steps to setup Firebase Analytics

Step 1: From your account go to the url provided here.

Step 2: Click on Add Project .
* Provide name to your Project. Click Continue.
* Check if “Analytics for this Project” is enabled or not. If not then do enable it as it is a recommended functionality. Click Continue.
* Final Step, is to configure google analytics. Select Default Account For Firebase option from dropdown. Click on Create Project.

Step 3: Now, you will get the script url and code Copy them and Paste them to the Plugin setting section.

Your WooCommerce website is now integrated with Firebase Analytics.

2. How to log Wishlist and Form based events?

Wishlist and Form based events doesn’t comes under WooCommerce default functionality. So, if still looking to generate log for these events then contact to our Support Team.




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