WPCafe – Food Menu, Pickup + Delivery and Restaurant Reservation for WooCommerce


A complete WooCommerce Food Order, Pickup and Delivery Plugin to Launch a Restaurant Websites.

WPCafe is your all-in-one solution for online food ordering and Restaurant Reservation system. Manage all of your cafe or restaurant needs by:

  • Creating responsive Food Menus
  • Scheduling Restaurant Booking with seat capacity and more!
  • Adding Online Pickup and Delivery System (PRO)

WPCafe comes with WordPress Shortcode, Elementor widgets and Gutenberg block to make your Restaurant website simple and easy to use.


For support and issues? Contact our team from here.

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👍 Use this complete Restaurant Solution Plugin and run your online Restaurant Business, Online Food Order, Reservation System, Pickup, Delivery and More. WPCafe has all the features you need to manage your restaurant, website and customers. You can keep track of your sales and customers with WPCafe.

Cafe Pro Overview:


WPCafe has the best features to make your restaurant management experience smooth and simple. Create mouth-watering food menus, save time by managing reservations and schedule food pickup or delivery to give your customers a great experience.


⭐ 10+ Food Menu Styles – Find the perfect design from multiple food menu styles to match your restaurant theme.

⭐ Customizable Mini Cart – Add a mini-cart to make it easy for your customers to buy your food.

⭐ Location-wise Food Menu – Create different menus for different branches of your restaurant.

⭐ WooCommerce Food Menu & Food Ordering – Simplify the process of selling with WooCommerce compatibility.

⭐ Branch-wise Booking – Manage your bookings according to your restaurant branch locations.

⭐ Restaurant Reservation System – Get more customers by managing them with a reservation system.

⭐ RTL Support Form and Calendar – Set your website details with RTL language support to make it user friendly for all types of users.

⭐ Create and Cancel a Reservation from Front-End – Simple and easy to use reservation form that you can edit from the front-end.

⭐ Customizable Schedules for Early/Late Booking – Get more flexibility in setting your booking timing with customizable schedules.

⭐ Food Menu List Widget – Add food menus in list format.

⭐ Food Menu Tab Widget – Add food menus in tab format.

⭐ Reservation Form Widget – Place a reservation form to get more customers.

⭐ Food Menu with Location Filter Widget – Set food menus by filtering according to locations.

WPCafe Plugin Fully Compatible with WooCommerce.


Are you looking for more features for your restaurant website? WPCafe PRO offers greater options for you to design the ideal restaurant website for your business. Get more designs, customization options and features to give your customers the best experience.


⭐ 33+ Food Menu Styles – A collection of designs made to fit with all kinds of restaurant niches.

⭐ Product Addons Feature – Now it’s possible to add an extra option for each of the products/food items. With WPCafe The features help users to select personalized food items. While it also helps restaurant owners make upsells regularly. You can add extra food items like food with sauce, extra cheese etc.

Product Addons Walkthrough :

⭐ Discount on menu items (Percentage/Flat Discount) – Get more sales by adding flat discounts or percentage discounts on your food menu.

⭐ Minicart Quantity Selector – Let customers adjust the quantity of their order directly from the mini cart.

⭐ Multi-style Food Menus in a page – Mix and match food menu styles to create mouth-watering food menus.

⭐ Quick View For Variable Food Items – Make it easy for customers to view variable food items with quick view.

⭐ Override WooCommerce Default Layout – Create custom layouts for your restaurant website.

⭐ Predictive Live Search for Food/Category – Make it easy for customers to search for their favorite food items.

⭐ Show Order Preparation and Delivery Schedule – Update customers on their order by showing preparation time and delivery schedule.

⭐ Live Order Notification – Once your customer places a new order, it will highlight with the ‘recent’ tags on the WPCafe admin panel. This feature helps take quick action for food upsell. Also, the admin can set a sound notification from WPCafe. If you enable sound notification, then for each new order you will get a sound from the system.

⭐ Tipping Notification – Let your customer share satisfaction with tipping options. You can enable the tip option on your cafe and restaurant side now with WPCafe. You will have two options for tip settings. You can set percentages and a flat tip on the site. For percentage, the cost from users will be calculated based on the user’s food order. You can set both percentage and flat tipping options or you can set one from both.


⭐ Show Order Preparation Days – Let customers know how long it will take to prepare their order.

⭐ Set Custom Pickup/Delivery Schedule – Get flexible options to set pickup and delivery schedules.

⭐ Dynamic Schedule for Pickup/Delivery – More options for you to manage pickup and delivery with dynamic schedules.

⭐ Restaurant Ordering System for Takeaway / Delivery – Increase sales by letting customers order for takeaway or delivery.

⭐ Email Notification for Order Pickup/Delivery Schedule – Inform your customers on order pickup and delivery schedule via email.


⭐ Multiple-slot reservation – Set multiple timings for reservation slots for a single day.

⭐ Table Reservation & Food Ordering – Let customers order their food with table reservations.

⭐ Customizable Reservation Form with Extra Field – Create customized forms with extra fields.

⭐ Reservation Management according to Seating Capacity – Set seat capacity to limit the number of reservations.

⭐ Customizable email notifications for reservation – Make your own email notification by customizing email text.

⭐ Reservation details pdf download and printing option – Track your reservations by downloading reservation details in PDF format.

⭐ Reservation Export to CSV file – Manage your data with detailed reservation reports in CSV format.

⭐ Show Restaurant Business Hours – Display your restaurant business hours to customers.


WPCafe is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder. You can use Elementor widgets to build your cafe and restaurant website. WPCafe has more than 12 widgets for restaurant, food business and cafe websites.

⭐ Category List – Show the food menu categories in list format.

⭐ Food Menu List Pro – Add food menus in list format with multiple variations.

⭐ Food Menu Tab Pro – Add food menu in tab format with multiple variations.

⭐ Food Menu Slider – Add food menu slider.

⭐ Food Menu Tab with Slider – Combine food menu tab with slider.

⭐ Food Menu Load More – Show more items with food menu load more widget.

⭐ Food Menu Location List – Add location lists for food menus

⭐ Reservation with Food Order – Add reservation form with food ordering feature.


WPCafe is compatible with Oxygen builder – a popular drag and drop builder. In order to use Oxygen page builder, you will need to install WPCafe Oxygen Builder Addons. You can use and modify the items with Oxygen builder.

⭐ Food Menu List – Your food items will appear list-style with a trendy layout.

⭐ Food Menu Tab – Food Items will appear as tab style on your restaurant website. You can add a different tab and change the food tab serial.

⭐ Food Menu Location Filter – Location based food menu is popular for food businesses. If you have multiple restaurant branches, you can set different food menus based on food locations. With the WPCafe food plugin, you can set a location-based food menu.

⭐ Reservation Form – Reservation form elements will let you set restaurant reservations on your restaurant website. WPCafe Oxygen builder reservation has reservation form elements.

Twilio integration

WPCafe is fully compatible with the Twilio.

If you want to enable sending SMS from your WordPress website, you can do it now by using Twilio, One of the best SMS solutions on the market. You can send SMS notifications to your users from WPCafe. Check Twilio intregration documentation with WPCafe.

Shipday integration

WPCafe is fully compatible with the Shipday Local Delivery Plugin.

With the Shipday plugin, you can do Restaurant delivery, ghost kitchen delivery, fast 15 mins grocery and convenience delivery, meal prep delivery, courier services, local e-commerce deliveries and more. Check Shipday intregration documentation with WPCafe.

Zapier integration (PRO)

WPCafe is fully compatible with the Zapier.

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. Zaps handle work for you automatically, so you can focus on things that matter. You can create and customize Zaps in minutes. Check Zapier intregration documentation with WPCafe.

Pabbly integration (PRO)

Pabbly has been integrated on WPCafe PRO. Get access to business critical applications like form creation, email marketing, billing, automations and much more with Pabbly.

With Pabbly Plus, you’ll be able to use all applications of Pabbly without any feature restriction. Starting with creating forms and collect leads for your business. You can verify all your leads & email addresses quickly. You can send emails to your prospective clients/leads and much more. Check Pabbly intregration documentation with WPCafe.


WPCafe has all the functionalities to act as a stand alone plugin for all of your restaurant management needs. Combine these powerful features to grow your restaurant business.

⭐ Stylish Food Menu List: You can show your food in a stylish modern menu list. Create a menu and add food category, location and picture for each item. To learn how to create a food menu, check our documentation.

⭐ Food Menu Based on Location: It’s always better to set a different menu rather than setting a fixed menu everywhere. You can customize your food menu based on locations. It can help customers make better decisions. These small changes can make a big impact on your business.

⭐ Multi-style Food Menus in a Page: Add a different style menu inside a page. It will make it easy to grab your customers’ attention. On top of that, a multi-style menu will give you flexibility to design different menus for different category items.

⭐ Location Selection Popup for Homepage: According to the OptinMonster survey, Location popup increases sales. It works for both local and international businesses. You can set up a pop-up with locations for the customers to immediately choose their favorite location for ordering.

⭐ WooCommerce Food Menu & Food Ordering: WooCommerce is a great way to take your business online. It helps many restaurant owners manage their business online. With WP Cafe, you can add a food menu and food ordering system in your WooCommerce website.

⭐WooCommerce Invoice Print and PDF Download Using invoice as pdf and print is a professional approach for businesses. You can use both PDF and print options. Send a PDF copy of the invoice to your customers and print it for instant closing.

⭐ AJAX Mini Cart Options Enhance your site conversion by easily adding a sticky mini cart to your site. You can show an AJAX mini cart on the sidebar of every page so that users can easily calculate the total price of their purchase without redirecting them to the cart page. Make it easier for your users!

⭐ Restaurant Ordering System for Takeaway/Delivery (PRO) Your visitors may want takeaway or delivery. WPCafe allows you to implement both a takeaway and delivery system in your website. More options of delivery means greater the chances for customers to order.

⭐ Order Confirmation: Order confirmation is the final step for order processing. WPCafe lets you process your order easily. If any customer changes their minds, no problem! WPCafe supports order cancellations.

⭐ Make a Reservation from the Front-end: To make a reservation for the customers, you do not need to go backbend. Easily make reservations from the front-end.

⭐ Cancel a Reservation from the Front-end: Due to mood change or duplicate order, customers may want to change the order quantity or category. Simply cancel the reservation without breaking a sweat from the front-end.

⭐ Customizable Email Notifications can be Sent to Customers to Provide Confirmation/Cancellation: With WPCafe, you can send email notifications to your customers for new orders, order updates, cancellation, etc. You can also send them updates/offers if required.


  • Schedule Option
  • General Option
  • Notification
  • Food Menu Option
  • Available Shortcode
  • Reservation Front View
  • Menu List Style
  • Menu Tab Style



  • WPCafe - Food Menu, Pickup + Delivery and Restaurant Reservation for WooCommerce
  • WPCafe - Food Menu, Pickup + Delivery and Restaurant Reservation for WooCommerce


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> WPCafe

eg.  This plugin requires Woocommerce to use all functionality.


I have been testing this plugin for about a month and I have a very positive opinion. I didn't buy the PRO variant, I wanted to see first how the plugin works, what the features are, what the support is. However, ThemeWinter kindly made the PRO variant available for testing. This is the first, big point for them: it shows me that they want as many users as possible who test, who find issues, who give ideas, so they can fix issues as quickly as possible and improve their plugin with new features. Next, they already have a huge number of features, a huge number of templates, which almost no other plugin has. In addition, there are many additional features in development as well as the opportunity to give you an idea for new features (same page). So, ThemeWinter has already made a fantastic plugin related to features and they work very hard to add new features. When the new features are completed, when with the help of all of us they solve issues (which must appear in such an extensive plugin), it will be without competition the BEST PLUGIN OF THIS TYPE, applicable to many areas. Now, a very important thing: it is clear that there are issues in every plugin. ThemeWinter gives great support, I have a feeling they work 24/7 and solve every issue very quickly. They also solve issues that are not their responsibility: I make some settings wrong, they log in to my admin (clearly, with my permission) and make corrections for me. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to apply for their own restaurant or make sites for users.
I have the pro version of the plugin. It has a useful and nice design. I advise.
one of the worst plugins i have ever experienced. there are no translations availabe, the english texts are full of spelling errors, backend things doesn't work or save, what you have entered example: if you enter special characters like ä,ö,ü,ß,',",´,` into the Reply-To Name or email subject, it will be replaced by strange characters or escaped wrong
I was happy when I found this restaurant plugin. I am using the pro version for my client restaurant's website at the moment together with the Gutenberg editor. The short codes to show the menus are flexible in use, not difficult to understand and therefore easy to adjust to create the layout which I want. Last weekend I had an issue and the support helped me out very quickly. That helped me a lot.
Just started testing this plugin for a client and works really well. I contacted support for a quick question and they solved it pretty fast. Thanks! Recommended.


“WPCafe – Food Menu, Pickup + Delivery and Restaurant Reservation for WooCommerce” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。



1.5.8 ( January 16, 2022 )

Tweak : Reservation form validation update
Tweak : Image compression and speed optimization

1.5.7 ( January 09, 2022 )

Added : Product cart icon change option
Tweak : Exception schedule UX updated
Tweak : Compatible with WordPress 5.8.3

1.5.6 ( December 28, 2021 )

Fix : Branch wise email fix

1.5.5 ( December 27, 2021 )

Tweak : JS code optimization
Tweak : CSS code optimization
Fix : Reservation booking date for all date format

1.5.4 ( December 21, 2021 )

Tweak : Tooltip text escaping added
Tweak : CSS update
Tweak : Show additional price calculation details inside mini-cart
Fix : Translation and escaping issues
Fix : Typo issue fix

1.5.3 ( December 19, 2021 )

Fix : Special character handled
Fix : CSS issue fix
Added : Kadence WP, GeneratePress, Blocksy Theme Compatibility
added : Shipday and Twilio SMS Integration

1.5.2 ( December 13, 2021 )

Fix : Allow character in reservation email subject
Fix : Reservation email validation updated

1.5.1 ( December 09, 2021 )

Tweak : Admin dashboard design update
Fix : Send email to different branches issue fix

1.5.0 ( December 08, 2021 )

Tweak : CSS update
Tweak : Primary color updated
Tweak : PHP script optimization
Fix : Mini-cart and reservation form bug fix

1.4.7 ( November 22, 2021 )

Added : mini-cart style added
Tweak : CSS update
Tweak : PHP script optimization

1.4.6 ( November 16, 2021 )

Tweak : Reservation schedule validation updated
Fix : Reservation schedule fix in frontend for different date format

1.4.5 ( November 8, 2021 )

Tweak : Reservation Single-slot all days / different day schedule validation in admin setting
Tweak : Reservation exception schedule validation
Tweak : Reservation pickup / delivery schedule validation
Tweak : Reservation schedule UX update

1.4.4 ( October 27, 2021 )

Added : Price show/hide option in widgets and shortcodes
Added : Tooltip added in admin settings
Added : Reservation schedule time interval added
Tweak : UX update in reservation settings schedule
Tweak : Default primary color updated
Tweak : Clear text exchange to reset icon
Tweak : Notification settings documentation and details update
Tweak : Mini-cart control settings update
Tweak : Settings label and description update
Tweak : Dynamic min/max guest number field based on time slots
Tweak : Dynamic early booking settings field
Tweak : Empty input fields are now discarded
Tweak : Reservation form admin settings validation updated
Tweak : Reservation form frontend validation updated
Fix : Empty schedule message fix
Fix : Multi-schedule all day – number of guests picker not working issue fixed
Fix : Food menu tab widget: price typography fields not working
Fix : Food menu list widget: price typography fields not working fixed
Fix : Email subject encoding issue
Fix : Food menu tab widget color control
Fix : Food menu list widget typography control
Fix : Reservation form branch option
Fix : Reservation form translation update
Fix : CSS fix
Fix : Typo issue fix
Fix : Support link fix

1.4.3 ( September 26, 2021 )

Fix : Banner module fix
Fix : Css fix
Fix : Reservation form single multi-slot fix

1.4.2 ( August 30, 2021 )

Tweak : Translation updated
Tweak : PHP 8 compatible
Tweak : WordPress 5.8 compatible
Fix : Gutenberg block food menu issue

1.4.1 ( August 05, 2021 )

Fix : Auto confirm guest no. issue of reservation
Fix : Admin settings exceptional date picker issues

1.4.0 ( July 18, 2021 )

Fix : Reservation form branch field required option fix
Fix : Reservation time format option fix

1.3.9 ( July 5, 2021 )

Added : No auto confirmation option
Added : Location based food menu filter shortcode and widget
Added : Food menu style added
Tweak : PHP script optimization

1.3.8 ( June 23, 2021 )

Tweak : JS script optimization
Tweak : Update plugin structure
Fix : Exception date picker fix

1.3.7 ( June 14, 2021 )

Added : Shortcode builder
Tweak : JS script optimization
Tweak : Reservation form image update
Tweak : Update plugin structure

1.3.6 ( May 23, 2021 )

Tweak : Update plugin structure
Fix : Reservation admin form date-picker issues.
Fix : Css fix

1.3.5 ( April 28, 2021 )

Added : Product add to cart success message added.
Tweak : Reservation form phone and email validation updated
Fix : Css fix

1.3.4 ( April 19, 2021 )

Tweak : Performance optimization
Tweak : More hooks provided for development friendliness.
Fix : Css fix
Fix : Reservation form validation message translatable.

1.3.3 ( April 04, 2021 )

Fix : Elementor widget bug fixes
Fix : Css fixes

1.3.2 ( March 23, 2021 )

Added : Divi-builder compatible
Added : Invoice no tag added in email body
Tweak : Performance optimization
Fix : Css fixes

1.3.1 ( March 09, 2021 )

Tweak : Preloader added in reservation form submit
Tweak : Performance optimization
Fix : Css fixes

1.3.0 ( February 25, 2021 )

  • Tweak : Performance optimization
  • Tweak : Reservation form structure modified
  • Fix : Css fixes

1.2.9 ( February 2, 2021 )

  • Added : Food branch added in reservation form
  • Tweak : Performance optimization
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Fix : General bug fix

1.2.8 ( January 19, 2021 )

  • Added : Reservation form style added
  • Tweak : Input validations updated
  • Tweak : Reservation Form UX updated
  • Tweak : Performance optimization
  • Fix : Css fixes ( January 11, 2021 )

  • Added : All day , weekly , exceptional time validation
  • Added : Gutenberg Block for Food Menu List
  • Added : Gutenberg Block for Food Menu Tab
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Fix : General bug fixes

1.2.6 ( January 5, 2021 )

  • Added : Reservation form dynamic message when no schedule
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Fix : General bug fixes
  • Tweak : Settings date format option dynamic
  • Tweak : Reservaion report descending order
  • Tweak : Performance optimization

1.2.5 ( December 29, 2020 )

  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Tweak : Settings options tab updated
  • Tweak : Reservation and cancellation form validation updated
  • Tweak : Performance optimization
  • Tweak : Reservaion date format updated
  • Tweak : UX updated

1.2.4 ( December 15, 2020 )

  • Added : More options added to food menu shortcodes
  • Fix : Css fixes
  • Tweak : Reservation party size validation updated
  • Tweak : Folder structure updated
  • Tweak : Performance optimization
  • Tweak : Guest size settings validation update

1.2.3 ( December 02, 2020 )

  • Fix : Minor issues fix
  • Tweak : Performance optimization

1.2.2 ( November 30, 2020 )

  • Added : Reservation form calendar translation.
  • Added : Food menu tab more options added.
  • Added : Food menu list more options added.
  • Fix : Theme compatible issues

1.2.1 ( November 19, 2020 )

  • Tweak : Performance update
  • Fix : Minor fixes

1.2.0 ( November 17, 2020 )

  • Tweak : Performance update
  • Fix : Sorting by date updated


  • Tweak : Performance update
  • New : Submenu, plugin actions and plugin meta row for buy-pro


Added : Sender email address field in notification settings to send notification to both admin and user
Tweak : Minicart allowed by default
Tweak : Admin and user notification
Tweak : Show location popup


Fix : Draft product hide from shortcode and widget
Fix : Variation price alignment fix
Tweak : .Pot file updated


Fix : HTML tags are allowed in dynamic email notification


Fix : Update translation
Tweak : Jquery code optimized.
Tweak : Location popup on frontpage remove dependency on shortcode and widget.


Fix : Update escaping and translation
Fix : Admin reservation email notification.


Fix : Design issue fixes
Tweak : Code optimized in Shortcode and widget
Tweak : Preset color update
Tweak : iconfont update
New : RTL layout support


Fix : Reservation default date time updated
Fix : Private product hide in elementor widget
Fix : Jquery script error fix
Tweak : Code optimized in Shortcode and widget
Tweak : Mini cart counter css updated


Fix : Product stock checking added
Fix : Shortcode markup fix
Fix : Query fix for Elementor Food Menu Tab widget
Tweak : Optimization and performance update


Fix : Settings bug fixes
New : External product add to cart
Tweak : Optimization and performance update


Fix : Settings field validation fixes
Fix : Shortcode and Elementor widgets design fixes
Tweak : Dynamic variable product price on shortcode and Elementor widgets
Tweak : Optimization and performance update for shortcodes and Elementor widgets
Tweak : Optimization for time comparison functionality.


Fix : Update all translatable strings with Escaping


Fix : Time Picker JS issue


Fix : Food menu stock status checking
Fix : Remove html tag from product description
Fix : Phone required field bug fixed
Fix : Food menu thumbnail enable / disable bug fixed
Tweak : Update reservation booking time validation
Tweak : Update reservation time picker
Tweak : Optimization and performance update for shortcodes and Elementor widgets
Tweak : More validation added in reservation party size settings.


  • Fix : Price showing both from including and excluding tax in shortcode and widget
  • Fix : Mini cart price showing including and excluding tax
  • Fix : Storefront theme header mini cart count update bug
  • Fix : Mini-cart opening and closing bug
  • Tweak : header mini-cart and menu tag css update


  • Fix : Language Issues


  • New : Description limit option added in elementor widget
  • New : Added pot file for language translation 
  • Fix : Reservation form and admin settings page css update
  • Fix : Popup datepicker in saving field
  • Fix : Added CSS for calendar year issue in reservation form
  • Tweak : Iconfont updated
  • Tweak : Improve add to cart button CSS


  • Fix : Compatibility for PHP version 5.6.
  • Check : Compatibility for PHP version 7.1,7.2,7.3
  • New   : Added ajax add to cart in Widget, Shortcode, Product single page.
  • New   : Added title link option to widget.
  • Tweak : Added icon in cart button.
  • Tweak : Update css in food menu shortcode, minicart and widget.
  • Tweak : Added active nav for reservation menu dropdown.
  • Tweak : Active first tab item from food menu table list.


  • Fix an error notice on php version below 7.3


  • initial release