DeepL Pro API 翻译插件


这个插件允许你使用DeepL 翻译API来翻译文章(页面)直接来自您的 WordPress 管理员。将翻译按钮添加到编辑帖子页面。
显示当前和剩余的 API 使用情况。
此插件需要有效的 DeepL API 订阅才能访问 API。
请注意,DeepL Starter/Advanced/Ultimate 计划不包括 API 访问权限。
您必须获得“DeepL API”计划。

想要批量翻译?获取 批量翻译插件

更新 2021/01 :Gutneberg的兼容性有更多的提升。感谢 @soean
更新 2020/10 : Gutneberg的兼容性有提升。
更新 2020/08 : Gutneberg 兼容性完成。仅仅晚了2年。
更新 2020/07 : 是的, 我正在研究 Gutenberg 兼容性 + Pro 版本以进行批量翻译。


  • 与有效的 DeepL Pro 订阅一起使用


  1. 上传插件文件夹到/wp-content/plugins/directory
  2. 通过在WordPress中的“插件”菜单来激活插件。
  3. 输入你的API key 在 Settings/DeepL 设置页面


This plugin is very promising but does not work in combination with the page builder Elementor. Are there any plans to implement this in the future? Elementor is a very important and much used pagebuilder. If this does work with Elementor, I will gladly change my rating. Thanks in advance.
I am so glad I finally found this fantastic plugin! It's exactly what I need for my workflow. No other plugin I tried does the job so well like DeepL Pro API translation. I need translation management daily and this plugin is just super simple yet so powerful! And on top of all it has the "Formality level", which is a MUST HAVE in my daily routine with DeepL and WordPress. It saves me hours every week and I can't praise it high enough. Would gladly pay a subscription fee. Thank you.
Edit: The Plugin works perfect now with Gutenberg after the fix!! Unfortunately, the translator stopped working after Deepl made changes to the API. Before these changes the translations were running very well. I still hope that the plugin will work again at some point. Thanks to @malaiac for the constant support. Former Review: From a moment to another the plugin destroys and breaks all my content as soon as I click on translate. Don't know what to do. The problem appears on multiple sites and domains. Please be careful if you are using the Gutenberg editor.
It's working as from 1.5.2 --- This is what I receive as a Message. Gutenberg is not compatible with WPDeepL yet. Please use Classic Editor. I have Version 1.5.0 and a running DEPPL Pro with API. Why is this? You wrote you implemented Gutenberg support?


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